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Root Canal

If you’re in need of a root canal, come to us.

Root canals are an all-too-common dental condition that can sidetrack your life. Let our professionals fix your root canal and get you back on track.

Root canal treatments are used to save teeth that are badly decayed and infected.

When a tooth’s pulp becomes damaged or the nerve of the tooth gets infected, it can cause intense pain. The only solution once this has taken place is to remove the damaged pulp or nerve through a root canal procedure.

Pulp and nerves in the teeth can become damaged or inflamed for a couple reasons. Tooth decay is a common culprit, but repeated dental procedures on one tooth can also cause damage, as can oversized fillings or cracks in the teeth.

More about the procedure:

Root canal treatment can take one or multiple visits to our office. We begin by taking x-rays to diagnose it in the first place. If we see that a root canal needs to be performed, we’ll numb the affected area. Next, the problematic area of the tooth will be cleaned and the tooth disinfected.

The next step is to seal the tooth, which is usually done on the same visit, or may be done after a few days depending on how big the infection is. After completion of the root canal, sometimes a crown will be required to prevent tooth fracture.

Through these procedures, you will be able to keep your tooth for many years to come.